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At Next Level Music Centre, also known as NXTL, we believe in the benefits of a well rounded fine arts education. Our music and arts programs have been custom crafted to offer the best of classical and contemporay, from domestic to international, to ensure that our students

have the versatility and knowledge to become the best possible artists and 


At the NXTL we not only teach students to develop a strong grasp of the fine arts but we instill in them, a lifelong love for the arts as well. 


We specialize in individual lessons and are adamant about their benefits: they provide motivation, a social dimension to an otherwise isolating experience and open up a world of materials.

No matter the age or ability we are confident we have a program that is

right for you, we believe in your artistic potential and our dedicated staff

have the know how and experience to help you to reach it to its fullest.


We’d love to hear from you!

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