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Nadia Brissett


Nadia Brissett graduated for Jackson College in Mississippi, USA where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Music. She served as a full-time Music Director at a local church in the Durham Canada  for 20 years. Nadia has been teaching music for over 20 years and has successfully been able to provide pianists and bass players for local churches through her Learn By Ear Music Program, as well as prepare students for their RCM exams.

Owner & Teacher




TaJall Edwards is a pianist from Toronto, Ontario who started playing classical at the tender age of 5. He began studying music with the Royal Conservatory of Music under the direction of Marie
Griffiths and Rudin Lengo (a well-known classical worldwide musician). TaJall later found out that music w
asn’t just an extracurricular activity as much as it was a passion. Church was where he first had the opportunity to play alongside other musicians, broadening his musical repertoire to gospel as well.


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